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Other Links. Post-dating of patent applications and its implications May 14, The Indian Patents Act facilitates a patent application, whether provisional or non-provisional, to be post-dated under Section 17 of the Patents Act,to a maximum of six months, from the date of making of such application, provided that the request for post dating patent application india has been filed by the applicant before the grant of the patent. Similar provisions of post-dating a patent application also exist in New Zealand and United Kingdom. However, the United States of America does not have any provision for post-dating of patent applications. In certain cases, post-dating of a patent application may provide the applicants with an extension of time to complete certain post-filing formalities of the patent application.

In India a provisional patent application is filed to gain the earliest filing date priority date for the invention. Reserving the earliest filing date is important in terms of patent grant process. In general, post-dating refers to the shift in the Priority date of an application to a later date. General perception was that the provision of post dating is provided to extend the 12 months time to submit the complete specification after the provisional application. Hence, the question arises does Indian Patent Act has post dating patent application india provision of extending the 12 months time period. Upon review of Section 9 and Section 17, it is observed that both the sections does not contain any provision about shifting the month deadline for filing the complete specification. The Amendments carried out in the Patents Act in deleted the portion of the then-prevalent Section 9 1 which provided that complete specification may be filed at any time after 12 months but within 15 months from the filing of provisional specification if a request in this regard was made to the Controller along with the prescribed fee. Earlier there was a provision in Section 9 1 for extending the time period from 12 months to 15 months to file the complete specification.

The meaning and merits and demerits of a provisional application have been explained in the previous blog post. Within 12 months of filing a provisional application, the complete specification has to be filed, in order to prevent the provisional application from being abandoned. This is envisaged in Section 9 1 of the Patents Act, The question that arises then is whether the time limit of 12 months for filing the complete specification can be extended. Section 17 of the Patent Actpost dating patent application india that at any time after filing an application but before the grant of a patent the applicant may request for post-dating the patent application. However, the post-dating cannot be made to a date later than 6 months from the date on which the application was made.
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Post-dating allows the patent application to shift the original application date forward to a later date. Usually, the post dating patent application india to shift the original application date is maximum six months. Some countries such as India, New Zealand and United Kingdom provide an option to extend the period for filing the complete specification up to six months. In New Zealand, a request to post date must be filed within 15 months of the original filing date. As per Article 87 4 of the European Patent Convention EPCa post dated application can be considered as priority application, provided that, at the date of filing the European application, the previous application has been withdrawn, abandoned or refused, without being open to public inspection and without leaving any rights outstanding, and has not served as a basis for claiming a right of priority. The previous application may not thereafter serve as a basis for claiming a right of priority. Inthe 6 Gulf countries namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had come together to form a unitary, uniform and harmonized cooperation council to ensure a single system of patent rights protection by way of a single application covering all the 6 participating countries. Applicants must ensure filing of applications with the GCC within 12 months of the priority date. It will be not possible if it is more than a year.

Please contact customerservices lexology. Section 17 of the Indian Patents Act provides for postdating of patent applications. The preamble to Section 17 clearly states that the provisions of Section 17 are subject to the provisions of Section 9, which means that all sub sections of Section 9 must be complied before implementing Section Sub-section 1 of Section 9 clearly states that where an application for a patent is accompanied by a provisional specification, a complete post dating patent application india shall be filed within 12 months from the date of filing of the application and if the complete specification is not so filed, the application shall be deemed to be abandoned. This clearly means that the powers of the Controller under Section 17 for postdating an application are fettered by the provision of Section 9 1 that a complete specification must be filed within 12 months from the date of filing of the application.

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